Mathė Shepheard
RBSA Watercolourist

The themes of my general approach have matured over many years through the making of ceramics and glass and the teaching of Japanese design. A trip to Japan was the catalyst.


My work has different aims and sizes, it is also evolving: the smaller paintings concentrate on atmosphere, they are fluid, may appear unstructured, mysterious even. Others tend to echo my Japanese memories more directly: here some trees seem to explode while others are more tranquil, rocks take the viewer across water or into the distance, flowers can be reduced to simple lines but also take on a life of their own. Landscapes can be stark or made alive with bird life.


The media used, watercolour and ink, reinforce each other in an expressive and personal style. The intention is to reveal something of the abstract nature of space and the passing of time.

Landscape art


Flowers art


Abstract Art


Trees Art



Glass Sculptures